Meet the Dreamers

Suzanne and Galen are longtime friends who formed a bond at 
Lake Atsion in Southern New Jersey 
where, once a year, their group of poet-friends gathered to enjoy nature and canoeing, play music, create art, write and share poetry.

We dream of helping you find peace while staying home safe during this pandemic.
Co-Founder & Visionary
Suzanne Gili Post

Along with personal and professional interests, Suzanne lends her voice to poetry and song. She leads meditation classes in both guided and silent disciplines, runs discussion groups and develops rites of passage rituals for girls and women. Safe String was born out of a desire to bring Mom's idea to life, ushering ritual, creativity and peace during our collective isolation during COVID-19. She is grateful for Galen's partnership to champion this cause.

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Co-Founder & Creative Director
Galen Warden

Galen has been a professional designer and marketer for nearly 30 years. When Suzanne shared her idea for Safe String, it was easy to jump in and pull all of the creative elements together. She dreams of using her talents to make a positive difference for you.