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A safe community, a place for kindness.

Site Rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I post in the Forum?

You must become a member of this site to post in the community Forum or comment on one of our Blog posts. This is to prevent spammers and those who might abuse our sweet website from posting offensive content anonymously. A person like that can only be blocked if they have to create a log in.

Do I have to create a Profile?

Your profile is created automatically, but you can modify it. You can add a photo and share something about yourself if you like. Other community members will be able to follow you.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We will never share your email address for any reason. Anything you post in the Forum and all comments on the Blog are public. On occassion we may ask your permission to share something you've posted in order to promote the website. Hopefully, you'll find value in allowing us to share your thoughts with others. We have thoroughly reviewed, and have every confidence in, the Wix Privacy Policy. The Wix privacy policy governs all of the data submited to, incluing information you share, both public and private. Please also review if you have concerns. As the website owner, we are the "Users." Your information is protected as "Users of Users" information. Since we also see your information it is incumbant on us to be ethical and adhere to our own statements (such as never sharing your email address). We value your trust and promise not to compromise your personal information. Our website designer, Galen Warden, has extensive training on privacy laws and policies, so that we are very aware of the critical importance of protecting you by protecting your personally identifying information (PII). Steps we take to keep our promise: We don't retrieve and store your information but leave it safely in the Wix database. The exception would be if we requested your permission and approval for a specific purpose - for example, we may ask to share your post on Instagram and would like to give you credit. You can approve this use of your identity, or request that we quote you and share your image without identifying you. We block any Users that post offensive or inappropriate content, knowing this type of site visitor is not correctly engaged with us and with the community and may be capable of hacking or harming our site or information. We give you control over your User Profile. If you want to remain "anonymous," you do not need to post a profile photo or include any of your personal information. You can use a nickname and make your profile photo your cat or a flower. Because your User Profile can only be seen by other registered members, we take our commitment to block unsavory members very seriously.

Do you offer any user support?

If you have a problem using the Safe String website, or posting in the Forum, please send an email to Galen Warden, the website designer, with the subject line: "Safe-String question."