What is a Safe String?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Being isolated is the safest way to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 virus. But it comes at a cost. We're stressed, anxious, not in control and our futures are uncertain.

My friend, Suzanne Gili Post, shared an idea with me that she initially heard from a friend with a bead shop. We decided to take the idea and run with it! We want to inspire you to make your own "Safe String." Here's how:

What Kind of String?

Find your own personal string. You could use fishing line, beading string, button thread, leather, wire, even dental floss ... you get the idea. For each day that you stay safe at home, add something to your string.

What Should You Add to It?

Think about what's on your mind right now and who you miss or remember. Found objects that they had, or remind you of them, would be sweet. You could also just use beads, pieces of costume jewelry you don't wear, buttons, a washer, an old key, sea shells, acorns... there are no rules. You're creating something very personal so that it has the power to remind you, when you're stressed, that this is an experience, not a lifetime, and you are creating something to remember it by because it will end.

Whatever you choose will comfort you on a rough day: remind you that you endured this day and stayed safe. You can memorialize people you miss, or acknowledge those you love. Honor events from your life that you are thinking about right now, wherever you are staying safe.

I'm remembering the beaches I've traveled, collecting broken shells full of holes. They've survived as barely shadows of their former glory, but now, in my careful hands, they can have a second life as a memory of that place, that moment on the beach as I inspected the sand while the sun warmed my back. Some day I'll travel again, but today I'm staying safe.

I'm thinking about my dad. He passed away four years ago on March 11. That anniversary came as I was in isolation this year. As an avid tinkerer he held onto everything, sorting and organizing the elements of broken machines and tools. Those little industrial gems remind me that even if I fall apart right now under this stress, I can pull myself together and the changes I'll go through just might improve upon who I was before.

But right now I'm thinking about you. You're probably nervous just like me. You're doing the best you can to stay calm and be productive. Why not take a few minutes each day to acknowledge your determination to stay safe? Memorialize today as a triumph with a bead, a trinket or a memory. Anything that makes you feel good, feel safe, as you stay safe at home.

PS Stay Safe!

If you have to leave home please 1. wear a mask 2. avoid touching anything unnecessarily while you're out 3. stay as far away from others as possible, and 4. disinfect anything you bring into your home and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap. We need you SAFE so you can keep building your Safe String. <3

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