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We all know the happiness we feel when our inbox or our phones welcome us to open a message, or a photo or even a meme that strikes the right cord. As we enter into the second month of being socially apart, our virtual connections have been so pivotal to our staying connected. That abundance and enormous amount of connection can also be daunting and even overwhelming. But one thing that always satisfies me like no other, is seeing an envelope in my snail mailbox that is not a bill! It could be any one of these: a card, or note with a newspaper cutting, vacation postcard, and best of all, a handwritten letter. I have been blessed in my life to make friends with people who take a considerable amount of time to participate in what seems to be a lost art form. It requires first of all, a pen, paper, a little time and a stamp. And you might be happy to know that sending greeting cards has not diminish even in our digital age. According to the National Retail Federation, the greeting card industry brought in as much as $933 million this Valentines’s Day alone. National Retail Federation. I have a collection of vintage postcards, written and stamped, some older than 100 years. Contact me and I would be pleased to send you one or two! (In the mail of course!)

And don’t you just love seeing someone’s handwriting? Penmanship is so interesting. Personality leaps off the page when you see a composed note in someone’s own hand. What they think is important to say and how they say it is a mark of their nature and in direct relationship to the unique connection you both share. It just makes me feel so loved and cared for. And as I am now always thinking in a “string” frame of mind, I can’t help but to recognize the string of letters from some of my friends over the years.

Perhaps, as you isolate in place, you have a little extra time and might think about sending a card or letter or note to someone who might really need the joy of finding a sweet surprise in their mailbox. Pen to paper does create some alchemy. Be a wizard! Maybe it’s a long over-due apology or just a note of appreciation. Perhaps there is a neighbor or relative who is living alone. Brighten their day! A regular stamp costs only 55 cents and a postcard stamp is 35! It the best deal ever!

And what about our postal workers? Keep them in our thoughts and our hearts. Rain, snow, sleet or shine and now pandemic…. they are out there making sure we get our deliveries.

It takes so little time and the reward is immeasurable, begin your "string of notes" to those you care about. At a time when we might feel alittle stuck, a piece of you can travel to any part of globe. Isn’t that exciting?

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