Using this Website is a free site, created with donated money, time and effort, to help you navigate stress, panic, raw nerves, uncertainty, and loss during one of the most challenging episodes in human history.

Your time is precious. Your stress is real. Try it out - we gain nothing from it, it's just for you. Discovering if making a Safe String gives you some peace in this storm is definitely worth a few minutes of effort.

We don't take our responsibility to be authentic and truly helpful to you during this time lightly. We discovered that marking the days with a simple bead we select, or an item that is personally meaningful, is surprisingly comforting and stress-reducing.

This is not just busy work or something to pass the time, or we would never have invested in an entire website to share it with you. Please try it out - find a suitable string. I'm using heavy button thread. Tie on the first bead or object and then keep adding more. There are no rules. There is no "wrong" way to represent how you feel, remember a person or an experience, and mark "this day" as a day that you stayed safe and survived this pandemic.

Please Join the site so you can comment on Blog posts and also create your own posts in the Forum, where the community can respond and Follow you. To Join just click on Comment on this post and it will ask you to Log in or Join. See our FAQs, link below, to review our Privacy Policy.

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