Silver Linings

Silver linings and golden opportunities are starting to appear as we weather this storm, however I have to pause to acknowledge that I speak from a place of privilege where my income is, so far, not threatened. There are many for whom a silver lining is a luxury they can’t afford. At the bottom of this post, please leave a comment and let me know:

Is there any silver lining for you?

Here are some I have seen:

  • This is a golden opportunity to discover nature on a more personal level

  • Find things that were lost

  • Spend less money

  • A silver lining to driving less is saving time, money and stress

  • Fewer flights saves fuel and reduces pollution

  • Working at home enables fathers and mothers to get to know their children

  • And a whole generation of children will have the experience of being seen, being known better, by their parents.

  • This is a golden opportunity to show more kindness, as we acknowledge healthcare workers and those providing essential services so we can survive in isolation

My Safe String acknowledges these golden opportunities with a wooden bead I’ve painted in pink and gold, and silver linings I see, and have yet to see, with a precious flower bead in sterling silver.

Please join this community so you can answer with your own silver linings or observations.

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