Preserving this Spring

Today in Beaufort, South Carolina the jasmine in my yard have just begun to bloom and their fragrance wafts to me already, reminding me that spring comes, predictably and reliably. The sun rises. The moon waxes and wanes. The world has not ended.

Spring is here in spite of everything.

To commemorate this first day of jasmine in my yard, I've put a bloom on my Safe String. I happen to have a laminator, so I pressed and laminated one. The string on my Safe String is upholstery thread, so I was able to thread a needle and poke through the laminated flower. (This means that I can laminate words and put them on my string as well. Stay tuned!)

Here's my Safe String as of today - Yesterday's Singer sewing machine presser foot, because sewing has always grounded me, and today's jasmine flower because spring is here, in spite of everything!

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