Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Quietness became inescapable

The same stillness known now

to those who had to build fires

alone in the dark and cold;

Those who walked

on a path, years in the making;

and those whose only comfort

was a chair, a table, a window, a slice of bread, a tincture of ale … Ancient solituders created the DNA we now resource to withstand this collective safeness.

Heartbreaking distancing Yes, there, there and there, hotspots, embers, but

off we go, again, again and again stealthy, masked marauders, hoarding aisles for disinfectant, light bulbs, yeast. The lady at the self-check-out is marked - the telling grey stripe on top her head, nails half pink,

deep dark barks under her eyes, already accustomed to the fixed pine needles across her brow - The look of worry, as she scampers back

behind her very own wall

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