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For every day you are in isolation, mark each day with a bead or other small object on a string ... When this trial is over, you will have a memory strand of color and vibrancy ... a creative and beautiful memento of this most challenging time.


Many religious traditions use beads to mark breath and prayer. If you don't have beads, try taking apart old jewelry, using buttons, using things found in your junk drawers. I envision a collection of these being created, as a reminder of our resiliency and our dedication to stay safe.

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"Mom" at the Woodstock Trading Company was the first person to suggest the idea of beads of "hope" to mark the days in isolation. If you are interested in purchasing beads, "Mom" has created an affordable kit for this purpose, offered here to Safe String community members from her shop in Cherry Hill, NJ. (Shipping to USA only). Also included in your package is an original hand painted card for yourself or gifting pleasure. 

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to learn more.

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